About us
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About us

Depia Automations was founded by experienced automation engineers. The company specializes in solutions for Industrial, Energy and Building Automation.

The technical and scientific training of its members, along with their many years of experience have resulted in the formation of a creative team. The experienced and highly trained manpower possesses the knowledge of the technological environment, has a valid and timely information on developments and guarantees an in-depth analysis of your business applications.

Always updated about the technological developments and relying on our increasing know-how, Depia Automations puts foundations in infrastructure of the future by developing integrated solutions for you.Preserving meaningful contact with the field of new technologies, exploiting the full potential.

We understand the specific needs of each company for fully developed technology applications. So the experience of our personnel and our knowledge, compose the desired result, perfectly tailored to your requirements.

The implementation of numerous projects, gives us the advantage of choosing the appropriate scope depending your needs. All knowledge and experience is at your disposal.

In Depia Automations we love creation, respect the time and cost, we give you the advisory guidelines, we analyze, design and implement ideal solutions for your business.

The development of partnerships with the largest companies of the sector, contribute to the dissemination of information relating to new technologies, contributing as a catalyst, increasing your competitiveness.

In Depia Automations you will find the reliable partner, both during the analysis of your needs, and after their implementation, aiming at a two-way professional long-term relationship.