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Depia Automations was founded in Thessaloniki from the dream of two experienced Automation Engineers and today is pleased to have 20 specialized staff. The scientific and technical training, the creative thinking combined with the many years of experience of its staff, results in the formation of a highly specialized scientific team with valid and timely information about developments, which guarantees the in-depth analysis and implementation of needs of each business. Following the rapid technological developments and relying on the ever-increasing know-how, maintaining essential contact with the area of ​​new technologies, the company offers a series of innovative products and services to companies in the production area. Depia Automations today, with successfully implemented important projects in Greece and abroad, is positioned as an important size in the Greek industry sector.

It specializes in Industrial, Energy and Building automation solutions, software engineering and software development, robotics, customization and vertical solutions, research, modeling and development of industrial devices. Indicative projects he has implemented in Greece are:

• in a well-known oil refinery company in large public bodies
• in a large industrial plant for the production of plastic products
• in well-known dairy, cheese industrial units
• industrial canning units
• animal feed industry
• Smart homes

In the context of new technological applications, the company is developing and already implements projects in the field of energy, creates products for the development and service of companies in the pharmaceutical sector, applies new technologies such as digital twins, predictive maintenance and is selected for ELEVATE Greece by applying modern software, electronic technologies and robotics for the manufacture of a “product”, in order to improve the health and quality of life of the elderly with Active and healthy Aging. New collaborations with well-known large robotics and condition monitoring companies, research collaborations with universities, nanotechnology and exergames, open new horizons in the development and evolution of Depia Automations in the industry sector and human-centered development sectors

Elevate Greece

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At Depia Automations the software development department consists of experienced engineers and software developers

At Depia Automations our experienced engineers with their specialized experience design and manufacture advanced technological solutions

At Depia Automations, our engineers undertake the study, design and manufacture of machines, components and mechanisms