IXON Cloud- Official Representatives

With its extensive features, IXON cloud offers a complete, proven and secure solution for remote service and IoT. The integrated connectivity ensures a perfectly seamless collaboration between device and IXON Cloud.IXON Cloud is ready for immediate use and suits every machine builder. Whether you're looking for a remote access solution, want to gain insight into machine data or set up your own IIoT platform.The Plug & Play IXrouter together with the cloud-based IXON Cloud allows users to remotely access their...

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Long Gone Dinosaurs

We have successfully completed a very complex and demanding animatronic application at national stadium of Beijing. The robotic exhibits were 12 real-size dinosaur animatronics, with life-like motion, fully automated. For the dinosaur animatronic application, more than 30 special PLC’s were used for the supervision and synchronization of more than 1000 robot movements. As animatronic system integrators, we designed the electrical part while providing excellent advisory for the mechanical part. We programmed each and every dinosaur animatronic providing an amazing show....

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